Terms and Conditions for Laptop Rental

DNA Computer is a trusted name across Maharashtra with a reputation of renting quality refurbished products at affordable prices, since 2009.

Our team strives everyday to provide pleasant customer experience by providing top-notch IT products and resolving their hardware issues with our in-house service center managed by our expert technicians.

Here our few things consumers need to be aware of:

1- On the expiry of the rental term or on termination of the rental agreement, the individual or organization should return the product by 5pm on the last day of the term date of termination.

2- The product rented to individuals or organizations is the sole property of DNA Computers or licensor.

3- The individual or the organization is entirely responsible for the product/equipment during the rental period, and is liable to pay the market price of the product, if it is tampered, damaged, repaired, stolen, burnt, broken during the rental period.

4- The customer should not service the product, change the body of the product, or remove any identification number of the product. Shipping and handling charges are additional, unless otherwise indicated prior to sale.

5- Any faulty, damaged product will be replaced by another product, if unable to provide with the similar product the deposit amount will be refunded at the earliest.

6- Any claims for missing product, incorrect product, or damaged product will be acknowledged within 2 days of the date of invoice/shipment arrival date.

7- Damage or loss during shipping caused by the carrier specified by the individual or organization is the responsibility of the individual or organization and not of DNA Computers.

8- Damage or loss during shipping by our carrier is the sole responsibility of DNA Computers, provided the images of damage products are immediately conveyed through email and not any other means of communication.

9- Please note under no circumstances deposit will be refunded upon termination of rental agreement before the specified date by the individual or organization, and/or product which is specially ordered or is of unusual configuration.

10- All our products are rented out for a specific rental period, agreed and signed upon between both the parties prior to invoice. We allow a 24 hour grace period upon the end of rental period for the product to be returned.

11- DNA Computers will not be responsible by any means for Data-loss, Data-theft, Data-corruption occurred by hard disk failure, machine failure, or any reason whatsoever.

12- The client is advised to take regular back-up of hard disk data to avoid any loss/theft/corruption/damage of/to data and/or OS licensing, Application program licensing.

13- Additional charges will be incurred for installation of Operating System OS, Application software, reassembling of machine, tweaking/changes in configuration under the rental period.

14- DNA computers hold the right to breach the rental term period and confiscate the products and equipment belonging to DNA Computer from the premises of the Individual/Organization or whosoever, if the Individual/Organization does not pay the monthly rental, or fails to pay on the specified date.

15- The Deposit amount paid at the time of invoice is refundable, subject to payment of the rental amount monthly, and on the specified date.

16- All disputes arising are subject to Pune jurisdiction only.

For any other open questions please address us at dnacomputers.sales@gmail.com, or on our Facebook, by the name 'DNA Computers'.