Why to Sell Used-Old Laptops to DNA Computers

  • You receive instant cash at DNA computers.
  • You receive a bill of the sale.
  • DNA offers the best possible price for your laptop.
  • We do not resell your laptops, but dismantle them to prevent.
  • Cyber crimes and financial frauds, as the Laptop is originally registered on the name of first buyer/owner with the respective brand.
  • Before dismantling we format the hard disk of your laptop to prevent data-recovery and data-theft.

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If you want to sell your old laptop for instant cash, Follow these easy steps below.


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Our technicians quote you a negotiable price.


You leave with instant cash in your wallet and a smile on your face 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

The process is pretty easy and quick. Enter few details regarding your laptop specification and we will quote you the best possible price for the laptop you wish to sell.

Yes, you can still sell your laptop to us. as we are Second Hand and Old Laptop Buyers in Pune

Yes of course, we also buy MacBook Air and MacBook Pro for instant cash at DNA Computers which is located in Viman Nagar Pune.

You can still send enquiry form to us on and receive a quote.

Click here to Send Enquiry

We have an In-house laptop service center where the parts of purchased laptops are dismantled and used as spares for repairing purpose. In this way we promote reuse of electronics by using spares to extend the life of other laptops, which is necessary for E-waste management.

I- Our platform operates on end to end basis where buyers or third party vendors are eliminated,hence the channel cost is reduced and our customers get the maximum benefit. 

II -Privacy is maintained and any financial fraud is averted as you do not have to contact multiple people or buyers.

III-You save on time by contacting us once and receiving the cash on the same day.

No. If you do not have the bill handy just provide us a copy of your ID proof, and sign an Bond provided by our representative.

As the Laptop is originally registered on the name of first buyer/owner with the repective brand, we do not resell but dismantle the laptop to prevent cybercrimes and financial frauds carried out by unknown users/buyers.

This is entirely a legal necessity as we need to file a proof of ownership of each and every old laptop that we buy. This also prevents selling of stolen goods. The indemnity bond which you sign simply states that you are the owner of the laptop which you are selling.

We clean up all the data from you device before purchasing it, however it is advisable that you erase all data before selling your laptop.

No worries! we will provide a re-quote price according to the actual condition. In case you agree to accept the new price, we will pay you the re-quoted amount.

With more than 350 Google business reviews and overall rating of 4.7* consistently, we are the trusted and preferred laptop buyer in Pune.

Yes, you can sell your new laptop at attractive price.

Yes, you will be receiving a bill stating that you have sold your Laptop to DNA computers.

We buy Dell laptop, HP laptop, Acer laptop, Asus Laptop, Lenovo laptop, Apple Macbook pro, Apple Macbook Air, Samsung laptop, Sony Laptop, Toshiba laptop.