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    Laptop on Rent in Pune

    Get Laptop on Rent in Pune at an Affordable prices. Send Enquiry or Call Now. Our Stores are in Viman Nagar near Phoenix Mall, Kharadi Near Mount N Glory, Hadapsar in Destination Center (Magarpatta City).

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    Laptop Rentals for Business, Events and Personal Use

    Whether your business is expanding its workforce or you’re organizing a training or corporate event, laptop rentals are the smart way to quickly put cutting edge technology into the hands of your employees! Renting a laptop from SmartSource Rentals means: DNA Computers providing solutions for Laptop on Rent in Pune. We also provide a Projector on Rent in Pune.

    Save more when you rent directly.

    DNA Computers offers a complete range of Laptop rentals. Taking a Laptop on rent is the perfect solution to address seasonal fluctuations, in–house training, corporate projects, product testing, and special business requirements.


    Fast And Reliable, Customized Rental Laptops

    Rent laptop units in any setup. In addition to our standard laptop rental configurations, our experienced technical team can customize a laptop rental or MacBook Pro rental with additional hard drives, RAM, and video memory, as well as high-speed GPUs and CPUs. We always have the latest laptop rental models in our extensive inventory, as well as additional monitor rentals to increase screen capabilities.Our qualified technicians can configure your rental laptops with preloaded software and applications, establish networking, and offer the laptop computer peripherals and accessories that will get your office computer setups running as fast as possible.

    Wide range of Laptops

    We provide Laptops on rent which have Intel Pentium Dual Core, Pentium Quad Core, i3 Processor, i5 Processor, i7 Processor any one of these processors. Minimum 4GB Ram, 320 GB Hard disk for optimum performance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Sit back and relax, it is on us to ensure your laptop is up and running in no time.


    Before renting, laptops are tested and evaluated by our expert technicians for lengthy uninterrupted hours to ensure they do not break down and perform well at high-performance tasks.


    Yes, we do! Any faulty or not working device will be replaced by another device. If we’re unable to provide a similar product, your deposit amount will be refunded.


    The Laptop is pre-installed with antivirus to prevent viruses from slowing down your system or corrupting files and data.


    Yes, you can check the laptop for performance at our store before renting.


    No such label or sticker is placed on any part of a laptop, nobody would be able to make out the laptop you’re using is rented or belongs to DNA Computers.


    Our dedicated team will be available 7 days a week from mention time on the customer care number wherein you can talk with technicians and resolve your laptop issues.


    Desktop users that are put in a situation where they need a machine on the go, can rent a laptop without having to make a comparatively more expensive purchase for technology that they don’t need.


    Consumers can rent any laptop/desktop brand, however, this is subject to the availability of the particular brand.


    The minimum period is 1 month while there is no maximum period to rent a laptop.


    Not at all, we consistently achieve turn around time of less than an hour for the entire exchange process to complete.


    No, the laptop does not carry a warranty, but we provide after rental service by our dedicated team of technicians to ensure you never face downtime.


    Laptop on Rent cost starts from 1000  to 3000 ₹. It depends upon the configuration of the laptop/desktop, and the brand.


    Yes, we leave you delighted by providing you with a coupon of Rs.500/-valid on the purchase of a new or used laptop or desktop for 6 months.


    Yes, we also rent other IT products in Pune: laptops accessories, laptop peripherals, projectors, UPS.


    Some of us don’t need a laptop all the time such as especially those who work at a company or may work with a company in the future that provides computers that fulfill our daily work needs. Also, for those, who on occasional times need to take work home with them, you may want to take advantage of laptop rental to do so.


    + Nominal monthly rent for high performance and sleek laptops.

    + Lastly, the entire rental process is done on the same day within an hour.

    + After rental customer support service from our in-house service center.

    + Being able to get hands-on the exact computer you need, is a huge advantage of renting from DNA Computers.

    + Firstly, the entire rental process is done on the same day within an hour.

    + Convenience of transferring data from the old system to the new system at no additional cost.

    + Installation of additional software and programs at no additional cost.

    + Physical brick & mortar service center in Pune, wherein you can walk-in any day of the week to avail repair services.

    + Costly high-performance laptop/desktop at economical monthly rent.

    + Being able to use and return the laptop any day.

    + No additional costs for accessories, or additional hardware.

    + No additional costs for maintenance of the machine, DNA Computers will provide IT support.

    + Substantial savings by avoiding the purchase of additional software and applications necessary for your work.


    Short-term needs: On occasional times those who need to take work home with them, renting a laptop is a sensible thing to do.

    Students: With classrooms temporarily being shifted to digital mode of learning, Renting laptops allows students to study from home without having to purchase them.

    Contract Employees: For those who move job to job, the option to rent a laptop gives them the ability to complete the tasks by their temporary work assignment without shelling out thousands.

    Travelers: Renting a laptop is convenient for short-term business trips that require carrying a laptop, or on vacations where you need to access a computer.

    Entrepreneurs: renting laptops to employees working from home is economical and risk-free.

    Specificity: At times when one needs a specific hardware configuration, operating system, and a certain size for a temporary period.

    Meetings & Presentations: Short term needs that require laptops with cutting edge technology and sleek designs to leave a lasting impression.

    The rental of your laptop depends on these factors: Brand value of the laptop, configuration, physical-condition of the laptop, year of make, and lastly, performance. With more than 10 years of experience, our expert technicians evaluate laptop for the above factors and decide the rental amount.


    Safety & Hygiene is a top priority for us. We do daily temperature checks of our staff and the use of sanitizer is mandatory after handling a laptop, also neither customers nor our staff is allowed to enter without a mask.


    With the Google business rating of 4.7* consistently over the period, DNA computers is validated by the people of Pune as the most credible and trustworthy brand for laptop on rent in Pune.

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