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Why to Take Laptop Repair Service at DNA Computers??

Parts Replacement Services in B T Kawade Road

    DNA Computers listed as one of the Top 3 Computer repair services in Pune, MH. We satisfy rigorous 50-Point Inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and their general excellence.

    Laptop Brands We Repair in B T Kawade Road

    Dell Laptop Repair in B T Kawade Road

    We Repair Dell Inspiron Series,Dell Vostro Series, Dell XPS Series, Dell Lattitude Series Laptops.

    HP Laptop Repair in B T Kawade Road

    We Repair HP Pavilion Series, HP Envy Series, HP Elitebook Series, HP Probook Series, HP Compaq Laptops.

    Acer Laptop Repair in B T Kawade Road

    Acer Aspire Series, Acer Nitro Series, Acer Swift Series, Acer Spin Series Laptops repaired at DNA Computers.

    Lenovo Laptop Repair in B T Kawade Road

    Lenovo G50 Series, Lenovo B40 Series, Lenovo B50 Series, Lenovo Ideapad Series, Lenovo Y50 Series Laptops Repaired at our service center in pune.

    Asus Laptop Repair in B T Kawade Road

    We provide service for ASUS Vivobook, ASUS ROG Series, ASUS Experbook, ASUS Zenbook, Chromebook, Studio book, and ASUS Gaming Series Laptops. Asus Laptop repair and service provider near B T Kawade Road. Asus laptops spare parts available.

    Sony Vaio Laptop Repair in B T Kawade Road

    Sony discontinued the sale of Laptops and PC’s. we are specialised in sony vaio laptop repairs. buy sony vaio laptops battery, sony vaio adapter, sony vaio laptop screen at best rates in pune.

    MSI Gaming Laptop Repair in B T Kawade Road

    We service, repair and upgrade parts of MSI Gaming Laptops of GT Series, GS Series, GE series, Alpha Series, Bravo Series, also Business series like Summit Series, Prestige Series, Modern Series.

    Samsung Laptop Repair in B T Kawade Road

    We Repair Samsung Notebook Series, Chromebook, NP Series Laptops with processor i3, i5, i7 Laptops. We do Software installation, motherboard repairing, formatting of samsung laptops.

    Toshiba Laptop Repair in B T Kawade Road

    We Repair Toshiba Satellite Series, Satellite Pro Series, Toshiba Dynabook Series Laptops with processor i3, i5, i7 Laptops. We do motherboard repairing, Windows installation, Screen Repair, Screen Replacement of Toshiba laptops.

    Laptop Repair Services in B T Kawade Road

    DNA Computers is Laptop and Computer Repair Shop in B T Kawade Road. We are Providing Laptop, Desktop PC Repair Services all over B T Kawade Road and Other nearby areas of B T Kawade Road. We also Buy your Old Laptops, Sell Second-hand Laptops in B T Kawade Road, and provide Laptops on Rent in B T Kawade Road.

    We are experts in solving all kinds of Laptop Operating Systems, Drivers, and Software issues such as Laptop slow, laptop keeps restarting, laptop keyboard, and mouse, aren’t working properly, the Internet slow, Laptop not connecting to Wi-fi, Downloads take forever, Attachments won’t open, laptop blue screen of death, Pop-up ads, Google performing oddly, no Internet on the laptop. No Bluetooth connectivity, Graphical errors like your computer screen is jumbled, Sudden shut off…or sudden anything weird.

    Hardware problems in the laptop like unusual noises from Laptop Fan, Laptop Shut down, laptop Screen freezing, Screen light failure, Some keyboard keys stopping working, Keyboard missing or broken keys, Repetitive beep sound on startup, Liquid spill, the laptop running slowly, Battery not charging properly, laptop battery doesn’t last long, Laptop is not charging, Laptop is overheating need a proper inspection. Our professional and experienced engineer will inspect your laptop motherboard, and give you report and the cost of Laptop repair. If any laptop spare parts like laptop fan, laptop speaker, laptop hinges, laptop DC connector, etc. required to replace, our service manager will inform you. If Body of your laptop is damage we also do Laptop Fabrication and Laptop Hinges repair. We offer 6 Months warranty on Laptop Body Fabrication. We also offer Discounts to our old customers on yearly laptop cleaning and servicing.

    Laptop Parts Replacement Services in B T Kawade Road


    We mostly have stock of all kinds of Laptop RAM, Laptop hard disk, and Laptop SSD. It’s easy to upgrade Dell laptops, HP laptops, Lenovo laptops, Acer laptops, Sony Vaio laptops, and ASUS laptops when you visit our Laptop repair shop near B T Kawade Road. Laptop RAM comes in three types DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4, while upgrading laptop RAM we need to check RAM type and RAM Frequency. We sell Kingston, ADATA, Samsung, and Crucial Brand RAM with 2 Years Warranty.

    We can upgrade your Laptop Hard disk with a Larger Capacity Hard drive as per storage requirements and Laptop support or with SSD. The laptop SATA Hard drive has 500GB, 1TB, 2 TB up to 8Tb Capacity. Upgrading your Laptop’s SATA Hard Drive to SSD will boost your Laptop’s overall performance. We can use SSD only for Fast booting purposes and Hard disk for storage by removing Laptop CD/DVD drive and replacing it with Caddy. Caddy will enable the addition of a second HDD to your old Laptop.

    We use only Quality and Genuine spare parts for replacement. Laptop Cooling Fan, Laptop USB Port, Laptop Display Cable, DC Jack, Laptop Speaker, Mic, Laptop Aux Ports, Web Camera, Wifi adapter, Cable input Ports Such as VGA, HDMI, DVI, and Display Port. If Laptop Body is broken badly then we can replace Laptop Hinges, Laptop Top Panel, Laptop Base Panel, and Touchpad.

    The same Day Laptop screen replacement service is available with LG and BOE Brand screens. We replace LED, LCD and Touch LED screens of all sizes like 11”, 12”, 13”, 14”, 15.6”, and 17”, Gaming Laptop Screens. All laptop screens have Min 3 Months warranty. Laptop Motherboard Replace, 30W, 33W, 45W, 65W, 90W, 120W, 130W Laptop Adapter are in stock of Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, ASUS, Sony Vaio, Toshiba, and Samsung Laptop. Best quality Laptop Keyboards with 3 Months warranty available. Easy and Quick Home Pick and Delivery option for laptop keyboard replacement service in B T Kawade Road. 2-cell, 4-cell, 6-cell, 9-cell Lithium-ion Laptop Battery. The laptop batteries we sell are TUV, RoHS, and CE certified. They are backed by a full 12-month replacement warranty. They mostly have more than 2 hours of power backup.

    Macbook Pro / Air Repair in B T Kawade Road


    DNA Computers technicians also an expert in fixing Mac issues like; broken LED screens, dead batteries, motherboard repair, liquid or water damage repair, no power on, laptop keep shutting down, Mac is not starting or won’t turn on, Freezing & very slow, Hard Disk connector cable issue, white & grey screen, noisy fan, speaker problems, DC power jack issue, display connector issue, wi-fi issues, etc.
    If your Apple laptop requires software updates, a hard drive upgrade in B T Kawade Road like SSD or M.2 SSD for increasing storage or performance, or Flash memory/ RAM upgrades, we can do that to boost the performance of your laptop. We repair all types of MacBook Adapters like 30W USB-C, 61W USB-C, 96W USB-C, 45W Magsafe/ Megsafe 2, 60W Magsafe/ Megsafe 2, and 85W Magsafe/ Megsafe 2. If your Mac keyboard keys repeat unexpectedly, or it’s not appeared, or do not respond, then we will replace your old keyboard with a new one.
    Apple battery is designed to retain up to 1,000 complete charge cycles. Apple offers 1-year battery replacement service for all MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro notebooks with built-in batteries. if it is out of warranty we will replace your mac battery. If your MacBook’s Normal screen, Touch screen, or Ratina Screen is broken or flickering, we will check the Macbook screen type, and screen size then we will replace the new screen.

    Common Problems in Laptops

    Slow Laptop Performance

    If your Laptop is Very Slow, the Laptop hangs frequently, and Laptop is overheating and shuts down suddenly then you should perform a complete laptop scan of Laptop Hardware and Laptop Software. For Laptops slower performance issues generally with an Old Operating system, Malware or Viruses in the System, the Hard disk being full, a problem with RAM or you are using software that is heavy for your Laptop Configuration. at DNA Computers we check every probability mentioned above and give you the best and correct solution. If the problem is with Operating System then we will perform Laptop Formatting. If the problem is with the Hard disk you can replace your old hard disk with a new Hard Disk. Data in your old hard disk will transfer to a new hard disk. If your Laptop needs an upgrade of RAM for better speed then add Extra Laptop RAM. For Laptop Overheating Issue we need to inspect the Laptop motherboard for dust, garbage, and IC voltages. We will do Laptop Servicing for the removal of Dust and Garbage or we will replace the defective ICs.

    Laptop Screen Problems

    Sometimes due to mishandling the Laptop screen Broke, or spots came on the Laptop screen. in that case, We need to replace your Laptop Screen. If the Laptop screen gives a white display, or the laptop screen is blinking, Laptop screen flickering, we need to check Laptop Display Cable. we will repair the Laptop display cable if necessary will put in a new display cable. If you are working on too many applications at a time then sometimes the Laptop screen Freezes Try to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and start Task Manager and close the Programs.

    Laptop Keyboard Issues

    Laptop Keyboard is incomplete without a keyboard, due to the vigorous use of the Laptop Keyboard and keys get stuck Laptop is giving a continuous Beep sound while starting. Laptop Keyboard is irreparable. so if the Laptop Keyboard keys are not working then you have to Replace Laptop Keyboard.

    Laptop Working Problems

    If your Laptop is not Turning on, your Laptop is not starting or it is Turning on but not giving the display, Laptop is not shutting down then we need to check your Laptop Motherboard internally, and we will give you a quotation for Laptop Repair Best in industry. then after approval of the quotation, we repair your Laptop. Sometimes laptop gets water damage or liquid damage. We carefully check all your laptop components and give you a total solution.

    Laptop Fan Problems

    Working with a Laptop fan is to improve your laptop’s performs by expelling air and cooling internally. as ICs on the Motherboard are heating. Over time Laptop fan performance degrades and laptop fans make noise or stopped working. if your Laptops Performance is not good then it will cause your laptop to overheat, some times due to excessive heating hard disk can be damaged. DNA Computers will diagnose the problem in your Laptop fan and Repair it, if required we will Replace your Laptop Fan.

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