How to Increase Laptop / Computer Performance??

laptop speed

No matter any one of the following laptop brands/model from Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Apple, Macbook you are using, good antivirus software like Quickheal, Kaspersky, Norton is essential to block viruses from entering the operating system of laptop through internet and other data transfer devices. Malware’s slows down the system by utilizing processor’s resources for no reason whatsoever rendering too little processing power for desired tasks.

Its been a while now you have stopped using programs which you once used frequently neither you look forward to use them. Get rid of them, uninstall those programs and make some free space in the system drive. Disable those programs who start along with system OS.

Years of adding, deleting and moving data from one location to another turns your hard drive slow and jittery because the laptop requires more time to sift through data and bad sectors on your hard drive. De-fragmenting your hard drive is an easy resolution for poor performance and slow speed. Right click on the hard drive click on the ‘properties’ option, a new window will open click on ‘Tools’ and then ‘Optimize’. Now sit back and relax, de-fragmenting is a slow process and sometimes can take hours.

No improvement in the speed after trying all the above troubleshooting steps. Time to opt for a RAM upgrade, RAM is required by your system to allow multiple heavy applications to run simultaneously and swiftly however does not always help.

Unusual Heating of the Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Apple Macbook laptop after prolong use does not allow your laptop to perform at the optimum level and is often required to shut down, do not ignore the message you need to visit our laptop service center in Pune .

Summer Care of Laptops

Beneath the keyboard lies the heart of your Laptop called ‘Motherboard’ which is under tremendous stress during the hot months of the year and has to work extra hard to run efficiently and fulfill your speed expectations. But on some occasions the heart fails and the motherboard stops working, lets see how to avoid this.

  • Work along with rest – Using Laptop for long hours in hot afternoons will lead to rise in unusual temperatures of the motherboard especially if the laptop is old, it’s advised to give short breaks and hold the laptop on dormant/sleep/standby mode.
  • Keep the outlet flow smooth – Working fan which we see on the either side of laptop has an important function to keep running and throwing out the hot air thus keeping the laptop cool, do not let bed, mattress, pillow or any object block this vent.
  • Attach your Laptop – Attaching the notebook with copper, steel or some material that can help heat sinking helps in better air circulation for the bottom of the notebook and takes the heat away faster.
  • Keep ventilation – In summers, be sure to keep the room’s ventilation while using laptop computer or make your Laptop happy by turning on Air conditioner.
  • Cooling base/pad- By investing few thousands one can get good cooling pads which have an additional fan to keep the temperatures under control.
  • Servicing – A good idea is to service your laptop and remove dust particles sitting on laptop heat sink, fan and other parts when the summer arrives, avoiding major cost on repairs or part replacement.